I found this gem secluded among many videos and playlists yesterday afternoon. First of all, I must say that whoever made it has extraordinary editing skills and chose a great tune for it to go along. There is footage in it from Barbed WireThe Sheik movies, A Woman of the WorldThe Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, home movies and Valentino’s funeral. It’s excellent! The film scenes and expressions fit right in! The tune is a devilish seduction for Pola at the beginning….because she realizes she is without Valentino and misses his touch….And she then remembers all the jealousy she felt whenever he was around other ladies (there was one moment when she threw a fit after some lady visited him because he took all her pictures down). She sees all the value that should have been in their momentary love and each tryst….They could not last forever! At one point, she despairs from this loss and storms out of the room. What could she have done without her Valentino? Just as this love was blossoming…..it ended right then. Her heaven was wherever he was. That is why the riffs are so wicked…..because Pola is so expressionless….She has pain. What was there to do now? The last bit of passion was gone. There would be no love like that ever again. I am to think of Pola Negri and Rudolph Valentino as a couple always. If they would have wedded, they would have been maybe one of those iconic, married Hollywood couples. In Falcon Lair, there would’ve been Polish-Italian-American kids running around…..It would have been for the best. Spending some months together was better than none at all. It even rained on Valentino’s funeral because nature wanted to vicariously express the sadness humans were feeling on that day.

Have they rendezvoused in the afterlife?

I advise you all to watch the films featured here. They’re beauteous relics for the human eye! The song is for the ears as well! The vocalist even quotes Pola when he sings, “Love is disgusting when you no longer possess yourself.” It’s such an splendid tune!