The Oyster Princess!

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Last night I chose to watch now one my favorite silents, The Oyster Princess. It’s a comedy involving men stricken with dipsomania, a spoiled brat, an unimpressed father, “happiness” and the foxtrot.

The whole film is really about the spoiled daughter (Ossi Oswalda) of the American Oyster King who is jealous of other girls who are marrying Counts. She throws of one of her destructive fits, starts breaking vases and ripping newspapers. Her father comes to a decision at last.

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The matchmaker finds her a prince who carries many debts and is inclined to drinking. The prince (played by Harry Lietdke!) sends his friend to pretend to be him so he could aesthetically criticize the girl the matchmaker is trying to get him to marry.

She sees the friend and at once drags him along to some house and they marry outside of a window.

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After having dinner, a foxtrot epidemic breaks out during the wedding party……Poor Ossi has to dance by herself but at least she gets to shake her body with a butler….

By the time of the wedding night, her new husband is so very happy…..because of his longtime love…..alcohol.

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I’m so happy.

The Oyster king walks in and expects to find his new son-in-law overjoyed….and at least sober…..when the lad plants a kiss on his mouth….

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Nothing happens in this wedding night….and Ossi joins an association against dipsomania. A drunk man later walks in and all the women chase him!

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They challenge each other to a boxing match to see who can “cure” him. Ossi wins and cares for his invisible drunken wounds.

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To his manly delight, she takes him to her room….and kisses him some more. So far the King and her husband are still asleep. Her spoiled brat hormones just can’t refrain from kissing him all over!

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Her husband walks in on them and chortles when he recognizes his friend and prince, Harry Liedtke. He explains everything…..which means they can love each other all they want because they are already married!

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After their real wedding, they cannot resist the urges of youth…..and ditch the Oyster king when they are dining…..

Screenshot 2014-11-09 at 10.37.00 PM
Is he impressed finally?

The father thinks it fine to spy on his daughter to see if this new husband is suitable for her taste.

Screenshot 2014-11-09 at 10.37.56 PM
He is.

After never being impressed through the whole film…..and seeing her daughter not throwing fits or making demands anymore….

Screenshot 2014-11-09 at 10.38.17 PM

My dears, this film I do highly recommend! It not only shows a comical depiction of over-consumption in America, but it can make you giggle and blush as well! The surroundings reminded me of the ones in The Wildcat. I got to see the hilarious Ossi Oswalda and another side of Harry Liedtke (possibly drinking the pain for Pola Negri’s love away). Do see this and you’re bound to be impressed! My Lubitsch did it again! Oh, my darling! Oh, these glorious silents!

You have done it again.

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