The woman who wrote the greatest novel for all humanity was born 114 years ago. Without her, I would not even idealize writing as a futuristic profession. She got to interview Valentino, wrote her novel by day and sunk from insecurity by night. Oh, she should’ve known her potential even back then! Her characters have so much life and gumption. Gone With the Wind is real, for us and even for herself. It was based on her whole life. People in the book are good or evil and at times this coincides. Scarlett O’ Hara, to suggest. Even though she was known for being a terror, sometimes her behavior was for a good cause. Thanks again, Margaret, for dedicating your years writing this novel with aching fingertips, a bad leg, self-doubt and patience. You may have thought your work deserved to be burnt, yet, when the time came for it to be publicly distributed, humans read you. Your thoughts. They had not the same perception as you…..They saw your artistic ingenuity. There was much unknown value! They loved it….and newer audiences also do. Thank you for bettering our literary world. I wonder what she would have thought exactly a century ago if she knew there was a blog post being written about her after all this time. Ha-ha!