Yes, I know I said my Garbo silents were to be watched but Charlie Chaplin was childishly tempting. I spent the rest of my day watching my DVD of Chaplin shorts while clapping and cheering like a seven-year-old me. He boosted my mood for the better with his appealing gait, smile and misadventures.

The one that I very much enjoyed watching was The Tramp. At the beginning, he sits himself on the ground, ready to have his appetizing picnic, when a man stealthily takes his sandwich. He ends up eating grass, thinking it was his meal. A girl walks by, exposing her money, as these fiends snatch it from her hands. Chaplin comes to the rescue and scares them away by throwing bricks at them. He accepts work as a farmhand in her father’s home only to be near this girl. He doesn’t do a very good job at it…..but he tries. It’s a comedic film that will even melt the coolest of all ice. I later discovered that this was filmed at Essanay Studios in Niles, which is located in Fremont, California. Well, it is now a museum of it. That’s grand! I go there to watch screenings of silent films and buy memorabilia all the time! So….that’s why I found this certain hat and shoes on display. My hands curiously touched them. They felt like wrinkly leather. Oh dear, can it be possible that….I have touched something Charlie Chaplin wore? Oh, let’s hope that it was so! I’ll ask next time I go. It’s only a few hours away from where I live. He was only there for three months and hated it….Hey, at least he was there.

I stood where Miss Edna Purviance was standing.
I stood where Miss Edna Purviance is standing.