Iron Maiden and my great love Vincent Price

Holy hell….I’ve been listening to Iron Maiden since early in the morn. They are just what I had been missing out on in these desolated periods of boredom. I don’t know why I never really gave them a chance…..Maybe I thought them cheesy or absurd like some other unnamed bands from the eighties. Turns out I have been too focused on my other limited musical interests that I have always stupidly ignored Iron Maiden. I did give them a few tries years ago with a few songs but they never fully caught my fancy. Oh, of course. They were also ignored because of my dislike for worldwide zealotry. Overrated, bleh. Oh, they are skilled in every song I hearken to! Huh….maybe it’s also because my father was a huge fan of them and….I don’t have a great relationship with him. Well, hell! Who cares that I subconsciously waited so long to listen to some of their music? This makes me want to dart all over a countryside and shriek all I want with this playing somehow. They’re so fast….especially the bass with Mr. Steve Harris…I had never heard tunes like these before….I feel right now like Marjane Satrapi in Persepolis when she discovered them and started headbanging. The riffs! The damnably hellish riffs that replace all those vicious thoughts with ethereal ones….All thanks to Maiden. In a way, it is delightful that I waited this long….to defy the vows of my Iron Maiden celibacy now….It introduces me to this brand new utopia of angelic melodies for my eardrums! The thing that drew me to them the most was the silent film footage they featured in the video of “Wasted Years”. This music and silent films? My, what a combination! I love this so! Yes, do merge these things together! The film is called The Uncovered Wagon, released in 1923. It’s a short comedy and spoof of a silent western named Covered Wagon from the same year. Maybe I would like to see it, along with some William S. Hart movies, even though I’m not a big fan of westerns. If you are like me and haven’t really heard Maiden that much, please do give them a try!

Aside of my new-found love for this band, I have been feeling mad love for Vincent Price ever since I watched The Abominable Dr. Phibes on Halloween night. My man here had just turned sixty and still had the appeal that intrigued my adoration….

Look into my man’s deep blue eyes.

This is now officially my favorite horror film. Sorry House of Wax, you’re my secondary love. He barely says a word in the film because his character survived a car crash and the doctors said he would never speak again… he connects a wire to his gramophone and neck so his voice could be heard. Oh, my love! He’s so poetic when he speaks to those many photographs of his wife…..I love how sentimental my darling gets when he plays widowers. Throughout the film he is really a silent actor who kills. My man sought revenge from the men that “murdered” his wife. She had died on the operating table, to his dismay. Yes, it’s really to that because his characters always end up mentally crippled by some form of insanity after their wives die. He goes and kills the people who were involved in his late wife’s operation, inspired by the biblical plagues. That’s why the deaths are gruesome and ingenious. There’s also his assistant who is a great help when committing the murders. Fabulous film with my man. I have to yet watch the sequel. As I used to do some years ago, I continue to dream of dwelling in a mansion….spending my days playing the organ.

Dears, I don’t know what I am to do today. I was refusing to get out of bed….have been dreaming and thinking of suicide again…..Nothing ever changes….It’s all a merciless cycle. Over and over again. We’re getting closer to death by the minutes and we are not spared from the cruelty of the progression of time. One moment you are somewhere thinking of this….trying to record the memory of this moment….and you find yourself resting at night thereafter. There is also boredom with everything again. Oh, I won’t think of that now. I’ll think about that tomorrow. My day will maybe be spent watching the Garbo silents that I bought and listening to Iron Maiden. Regards.


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