Last night, my sister and I watched one of the eeriest silent films in my consideration, Sappho (Mad Love). She kept insisting on watching it and I couldn’t say no. I’ve seen it before and still felt the brooding, spine-chilling vibe it gave me when watching it again. This is a film themed with maddening obsessions, infidelity, glamour, and traitorous affections. Would I recommend this? In all totality. In all existence. Yes. Even if you aren’t a fan of silents, it is still an entertaining film to watch, maybe to even kill time.

Yes, I know that in most of the German silents I watch, Pola ends up being my favorite. She still is but Alfred Abel’s performance topped all others! He had all these laughable expressions of a maniac! I can’t find any screenshots of them in the web and am simply too lazy to take them so just watch this fan made video of the film with “Tortura Mental” sung by Nelson Gonçalves playing. It shows pretty much all of his many “mentally afflicted” faces.

Pola must be at all times praised for any performance she gives whenever any of her films are mentioned. I shall do so now. She performed with irreplaceable goodness, as always when playing femme fatales. Her seductive grins, her dirty smile, her reactions to ghastly news and her style. One thing that I really cherish about Pola were her looks in her German silent days. This was all before she went to America and was forced to change her natural European looks. I must admit that my favorite Pola films are the ones that were made in Germany. She should have remained there making more masterpieces. That’s where she truly fit in with her style and where her acting tactics were understood. In America, well, they just gave her roles of peasants, vamps and others that didn’t really accommodate to the characteristics of her persona.

Pola and her masculine prey!

Now I understand the underlying meaning of the term femme fatale. “Femme” is for female and “Fatale” is for fatal. Was the outcome of the story in this film fatal? Why, yes, it was.

After chuckling through the entire film, I learned the moral of the story: do not be unfaithful to the one who works hard to spoil you with gifts otherwise his/her love will turn to a deadly obsession. Be warned. It’s either that or TORTUUUUURA MEEENTAAAAL. Love your loved one and strive for as much fidelity as possible.

The music is one of my loves for this film. It just lurks behind your ear and decides to whisper things from the very obscure…

Dears, I am off to attending a King Diamond show in a few hours. Since my sister and I are bound to stay in the venue at midnight, I will go there clad in a flapper costume. It will be the 31st at midnight… why not? Who ever sees a flapper in a metal gig anyway? I’m not that big of a fan of the band and it is likely that boredom will cast its curse on me. I’m dreading the crazed mosh pits and metalhead enthusiasm because of my wounded foot. My sister and I will hopefully be seated on the balcony if she doesn’t force me to be in the general admission section. No ridiculous moshpits….no suffocation with people. I’m not a big fan of crowds. Toodles.