This pain….

A scream was in my head yesterday when a lady doctor poked the right side of my foot with a needle in a syringe in order to numb it down. As she inserted it, I could feel the way it profoundly entered my tissue and my fat. I wanted to scream just like the lads did in this Abruptum album.

She did this maybe four times and the tiny poke at the beginning didn’t hurt at all, except when I could feel it descending deeper on my flesh. The reason for this was that I had to get something removed from my foot because it resembled a yellow mushroom which happened to hurt too much. At first it was one of those petty scabs that I love to scratch off and then it became that. For months I had yelled aloud from pain whenever something touched it or applied pressure to it. The lady doctor told me it had been a painful wart that could only be removed surgically because of its monstrous size.

She made me lie down on the mat I had been sitting on and wait a few minutes for the anesthetic to work. Why did I have to be awake? My high-risk appendectomy had been performed when I was fortunately unconscious. Well, now, they did make an incision on the area of my lower abdomen, spread it apart, remove my intestines, clean my stomach and sewed my bowels back on. Oh, how that scarred my eleven-year-old mind. I was writhing on my bed after waking up from that operation. How I shudder from that pain even to this day!

When she made the first incision, I didn’t feel anything. I was so frightened that there were no thoughts in my mind. My thing was really stuck in my flesh so she pulled, pulled and even grasped my ankle. Ha….ha….ha. A trainee nurse came in to assist when the doctor started to give her some cool tips about operating. She advised her that by reaching the fat one had gone too far. I think she slightly opened the hole more and started to discuss the coolness of muscles, fat and whatever else is inside the human flesh. I was lying there, feeling like a cadaver getting an autopsy, as they wowed every time they saw more bodily characteristics that defined my inclusion in the world of human species. Once she was done, she showed me the bloody thing and I frowned from abhorrence. She covered my wound with a footwrap and gave me a nice over-sized sandal to wear for a week or so.

Now I’ve been limping everywhere I go. The thing has started to horribly hurt at midnight and I have to lie on the couch for most of the time. I can’t even get it wet. How the hell am I going to shower then? My, oh, my. This is exactly what I needed after my adventurous week.


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