Tango Notturno gains recognition?

It is midnight and I was just browsing for more Pola videos and found this. I’ve heard the song numerously and learned that this has just been included in the soundtrack of a television show called American Horror Story: Freakshow. My sister has been begging me for ages to watch it but I rejected it due to my carelessness for television shows from this decade. Plus, it looks so corny when trying to affright me with its icky subjects. Yawn. But this was something I did not expect! Pola Negri! Of all people! She is almost globally forgotten! They could have chosen other well-known big stars like Dietrich or Piaf. Yet they chose my favorite siren! I might have to give it a chance now….Ich hab an dich gedacht….. Als der Tango Nottuuuuurnooooo…..


10 thoughts on “Tango Notturno gains recognition?

      1. it is actually very good – it’ll probably start on our TV network about a month after you guys get it. I got the Poe vidoes now – will watch them as I have the time to. They are Black Cat, House of Usher, Pit & Pendulum,Haunted Palace, Masque of Red Death, Oblong Box and The Tomb of Ligeia – apparently more are on their way – who knows what’s in the next batch…


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