Miguel Bosé was a dashing ballet dancer

Three hours were spent looking for this song last night because I hadn’t thought about it in years. It was a torturous earworm indeed. I don’t hear much Spanish language music anymore but I did before when my mother forced me to. Miguel Bosé sang here? My mother is sort of his fan. He has some catchy tunes, not bad.

Yet I now mostly remember him as the ballet dancer in Suspiria. When I first watched the film, I thought, “What the hell is Miguel Bosé doing here?” It cannot be denied that he was a handsome, effeminate lad who had the right body and curves to look good in his male ballet exercise outfit.

I do not know how Dario Argento cast him just in one of his films all of a sudden. Of course, some research was done by me and I discovered that Bosé himself was a big teen idol around Italy and Spain in the 70s. HA-HA! Mystery solved! Oh, how comical it must have been to star in a film about postmenopausal witches. He’d twirl and wave his arms…He’d have that Spanish little accent. Wait….was he a witch himself? Was he trying to manipulate Suzy by trying to get her to be attracted to him so he could kill her? How would I know? That’s a film I chuckle to through its entirety and eat snacks to. It takes me back to my childhood when I would dream of being a ballerina. His mother, Lucia Bosè, is so fairly precious also and looks just like him. I might have to watch some films of hers. She also kind of resembles Isabella Rossellini.

Ah, she was in a Fellini film! He…..focuses on the roots of one’s existence and demonstrates you the truth of illusion and growth. Well, at least, that’s how one of his films got to me. Yes, I might have to watch to Satyricon soon and Argento’s Deep Red, which still sits on my shelf, with only half of it watched. Don’t you ever notice that people in his films have these queer accents? I watched Inferno last year and thought it somewhat boring. The murder scenes were all right, especially the ones where the broad got her face burnt and her throat sliced by the glass. It was just so slow that I almost passed out. His films deserve to be well-remembered, I agree to that, and what I like most about them is that the quality of gore is not corny or too fake. The good old stabbing is pleasant to watch. HA! Especially the broad in Suspiria who fell in the barbed wire. HA-HA! How desperately silly she looked!


Ah, an endurable morn this is…I thank to whomever helps me in destiny…Not for my distraught self last night sobbing and finding everything negative. I’ll go take my lithium dose now. How do I know that’s not the cause of my augmented depression? I was just reading my old journal yesterday, flipping the pages back and forth to look for days when I couldn’t sleep. I found some and there was no sleep for about three to four days. There was apathy and sadness and then a week later there was feverish felicity and indecipherable scribbles that were penned hastily.

As for today, I am attending an afternoon screening of Monsieur Beaucaire. Yes, more Valentino! All right, that’s all. I should probably consume some food and swallow medication. Toodles.


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