Holy hell, do I miss 31 Minutos. It was my grandest craze when I was younger. I’d run to the living room when it was on and attentively glue my eyes to the television. The show starred puppets in a news program. They’d also go out and interview….other puppets. At the end, they’d feature a countdown of songs some plush toys or dolls sang. Purely the best they were! This show is from Chile so it was easier to watch it in Peru. The whole realm of puppetry drew me into the world of these beings. Their personalities, their problems, their worries and such. They excelled in their profession! It’s too bad I can’t see it anymore. I still remember that episode when Carlos, the red rabbit, had to overcome his arachnophobia. Lordy Lord, I miss it so. Even the Chilean channel in the US doesn’t play episodes of it anymore. Once again I would rise from bed early to watch the recorded episodes and the channel stops showing them after a month. This show has given me some of the fondest memories of Peru. The theme song still endows me with perpetual nostalgic feelings. LA-LA.

HOLY HELL! I almost cried when seeing this once again!

And I luckily found the episode where Juan Carlos (the red bunny) is afraid of spiders…and he is also rigidly depressed….I’ve never heard someone describe it with such cold honesty in the Spanish language.