Thumbs up to this! My Twin Peaks, the best show to have ever aired on television, is coming back in style. Well, in two years. I can wait. Holy hell, Laura Palmer’s doppelgänger was right. Twenty five years! Ugh, it will be shown in Showtime….I guess I’ll have to afford it by then. I wonder what has changed. Did Dale go insane after all and participate in his killing spree? Did he marry Annie? How did Harry heal after Josie’s death? WHAT HAPPENED TO DONNA? So many questions. So much time. This is good news, my dears! Bless David Lynch and Mark Frost for letting us experience the goodness of this show once again. I’m really wondering what the hell has happened to the Black Lodge. What about Pete Martell? Jack Nance is dead! Oh, a brand new third season! Oh joy!

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