I’m gonna be your number one

It has come to the realization that I have loved Blondie tunes since childhood. Especially this one which I thought was sung by a brunette lady who wore a polka dot dress and a pearl necklace. How old was I? 8? 5? I remember hearing this song in a taxi ride back in my Peru days and loved it. Actually, I think I was imagining myself singing the tune while sporting the polka dot dress and the pearls. I have repeated this song twice already….I miss being a little female.

I purged my Facebook newsfeed from the devils that had been clogging it. Well, some people were deleted. It feels good to do it because I no longer have to see silliness that angers me or bores me. Sometimes I am so distressed in my days that I want to delete everybody, even my sister. That’s a thought because I have less than sixty friends. Most of them are people I don’t even know or talk to anymore. I only have a few pals and gals to converse with every now and then. What tempted me to start cleaning my friends list again was a lad who posted something about my favorite singer. Yes, that is how I am. I don’t even know why I was friends with these people since I had never had a short exchange of words with them. They weren’t bad….They just were some diehard Goths who were just really trying to be Goth. I have no interest in the fad or whatever it is and I just couldn’t give a lesser care for The Sisters of Mercy or how meekly obscure everything is. I can’t take that stuff seriously. So some people just went bye-bye. I don’t know you, I don’t talk to you, why the hell are we friends? I’ve been wanting to delete my Facebook account for such a long time but I cannot because I have some nice acquaintances and friends. All thanks to my sister for encouraging me to get an account. She once convinced me to get an “instagram” which is some social media website where you brag about everything. It feeds your ego. You also have to post shiny pictures. I hated showing my face in the web so much that I deleted my account after a week. That is why I like participating in my blog. I can write as much as I want and I don’t need to worry so much about friends or the importance of “likes” or whatever. Socialization in these popular sites is fictitious.

Now, aside of my opinionated feelings for social media, I view Dirty Harry after ages! Ah, yes. I am seeing the part where that dick hijacks a school bus and my Clint is about to chase him. Wow, I really did miss this movie. Ironically, my mother is being courted by a San Francisco cop who says this is his favorite film. Isn’t that nice? Maybe later I’ll finish the Garbo movie from the library.

Oh god, this dick is a fucking lunatic. I didn’t remember him as this crazy. Here comes Clint to the rescue! Yipee!


5 thoughts on “I’m gonna be your number one

      1. not really slaying anything – aren’t they imaginary friends to start off with? unless you have a thing for slaying things in which case I’ll leave you to it…


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