My Vincent Price is a sexy man to my eyesight. I continued to watch The Fly after two long months and I had to pause the film when he had these luscious, gaudy expressions. This was watched in my educational place when I had nothing to do. My headphones got mutilated in my bag so all the silly humans heard the lady scream when she saw her spouse as a fly.

Who could help my sexy Vincent?

His voice in this movie was all I needed to hear. All I needed to see were his eyes. I love colorized Vincent. I’m glad there weren’t love scenes with him involved….In his films he always spoke of love but I don’t remember any love scenes at all. I snickered at the part where the woman breaks down crying because of a fly’s death. How very peculiar it all was at the beginning….If you watch it until the end, it all makes sense. He was an amiable man in this film….not a dick like he was in some of his other roles. This is one of my Vincent favorites….aside of Witchfinder General and The Masque of the Red Death….OK and House of Wax and Laura and The Three Musketeers and Tales of Terror and Pit and the Pendulum and….I could go on but this list can get to infinite lengths. Vincent just charms me in everything he stars in.