The Boy next doooooooor!

I have got to consider this as one of Judy Garland’s greatest performances. She sings it with every breath in her body as if she were to feel the distress of her character from the movie. This is one of my jams….because I can somewhat…relate to it. Judy is my favorite female vocalist; there is no denying. Anyway, I’m celebrating today due to the fact that I am moving to a new house! ALAS! And it has a pool! Ha! I get the bedroom with the prettiest view just because….just because. I can finally hang up my Valentino poster! I am not to forget all those rows of books I have! Oh Joy!


3 thoughts on “The Boy next doooooooor!

  1. I like Judy Garland, too – people often don’t get how it fits into the rest of my musical tastes, which is very bizarre, to say the least. Anyway, give me Judy, or Marlene (if she were still alive she’d be held captive by me! Or Liza with a Z!

    Poor buy next door – does he know what he’s in for? Room with a view, eh?Get the air gun, quick!


    1. Oh, sure! Who doesn’t love some Judy? I’m really into Frank Zappa then some Sabbath then some Tchaikovsky and some Animotion! 🙂 If you speak of Marlene Dietrich, I’d say she’s so-so as a singer….Pola Negri has more strength with her voice. I love Liza! Especially in that scene in Cabaret where she sings “Maybe this Time”.

      Actually that guy had no clue but still came on to her. Well, I think he liked it when she ripped his sleeves off and bit his arm. Oh yes, she also punched him. You can see what was going on.

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