Great, by God, great damn album! I’ve never been an Electric Wizard freak at all and even tried listening to them some years ago. Well, all I heard were doomy, stoner riffs that really didn’t spark my interest. Last year I heard “Solarian 13” and I thought it was a really fun tune. The band’s lyrics are themed with stuff from good old horror films. Aha….I like some horror….Maybe they have some Vincent….Anyway, I was bored last night and heard the song then wondered, “Why the hell do I keep listening to the song and not the whole album? Maybe I’ll like it!” I DID! It’s so slow, so spicy and it is a relief from all the morbid, vexatious idiocy! I like the title! That’s what I’d tell my fans if I’ll ever have any. Aha! Hail this album! Highly recommended! They also had a split with Reverend Bizarre which I heard during the summer….I love my Reverend but this band was also all right. Oh, how pleased I am to find something that is not repetitive and cliché in heavy music! Yes!