Oh dear lord, I must BREATHE! The Tom of Finland stamps will be released today! Oh how happy I am! I can now send letters to Finnish lads with ass stamps! I love you my darling Touko Laaksonen! You are the best man to have ever originated from Finland! Not only am I happy because a cinema around my area will be screening Gone With the Wind later in this month, but this is a gem! Who should I send my letters to? I don’t have many Finnish friends but I can think of some. How pissed I am because I had not been able to attend the Helsinki pride this year. I love you so much Tom of Finland. Oh, I can’t wait for the movie next year! That handsome lad, Olli Rahkonen, will be portraying TOF on the screen. Bless you Dome Karukoski! Oh god, I want to cry from such a miracle! About time my TOF gets some recognition! Though all my sister’s gay friends love him….Oh! Living in the sunshine. Dancing in the moonlight. Having a wonderful time!! All of you, be glad to send those Finns or whoever a stamp with those homoerotic Marlon Brando men! Long live Tom of Finland! AHH!!