Hear meeee talk of sin and you knooooow this is it!

I was just remembering an album that altered the history of my music taste: Strange Days. By the time I bought it, I had not purchased or heard another Doors record than their first one. This….This is their best album.

On the day I purchased this, I remember declaring my happiness. The tunes were so groovy and psychedelic which sounded sort of different from stuff like “Take it As it Comes”. I heard Manzarek’s best playing capabilities in here and also Morrison’s best poetry with stuff such as: “Let them photograph your soul. Memorize your alleys. On an endless roll.” I like Krieger in here also but I feel that he finely excelled in his talents in Morrison Hotel. NOW. John Densmore played excellently in L.A. Woman.

Days following my primary experience from listening to this album, I’d try to memorize it as much as I could. This thing would be repeated probably twice a day. At times I would go overboard. Just a little warning: don’t overplay your favorite album too much or you may like it so that it will sound shitty. That is what happened to one of the albums of my favorite band. I still love their album, though, I just have to listen to it with caution. It was a summer when I first listened to Strange Days….I was so bored….mouthing the words to “When the Music’s Over” or strongly identifying with “People Are Strange”. This is the album that could basically define me for most of my qualities and struggles. That is why I so love wearing my blue velvet dress and boots to accompany the feeling of the “strange”.

That is why it is so legendary in my life, you know? With the opening words…..

Strange days have found us. Strange days have tracked us down.

With the little tune that I love singing….I start to jump on one leg….get the urge to hug some humans and sing some more. Then I feel that Morrison was being at probably the nicest he ever was to women in “You’re Lost Little Girl”. I mean, he wrote about what revolved around him, didn’t he? Maybe he was writing to all those women who actually mattered to him by trying to convey this message.

Then in the following tracks….he writes more of ladies….but it gets deeper in “Unhappy Girl”. Such lyrics with subtle messages about depression, misery and imprisonment. He sang….and told females to overcome the suffering that ailed them. Yes, I have analyzed this album a lot.

His angst and his rare personality evolved into one of their most known songs, “People Are Strange”. He speaks of his isolation from being so unique (as he surely was) and of his trouble with relating to his fellow human mates. Aha, Jim Morrison was a truly weird man. He’d draw coke bottles as erected dicks when he was a teenager, he’d embarrass his girlfriends; he was just straaaaaaange. You can read more about it in No One Here Gets Out Alive. It’s a very informative book with respectable research. I recommend it. Then the band turns intensely climactic in “My Eyes Have Seen You”. Such lyrics!! At the same time, that song is so heavy! Especially with Krieger’s riff! Then Morrison starts singing about perceiving the human emotion by looking at people’s eyes. Aaaaand…..at last! The album plays the very last song with the most honest lyrics to enter my eardrums.

When the music is your special friend. Dance on fire as it intends. Music is your only friend. Until the end.

MY GOD! BLAST! How true this mere little statement is! My tunes will be with me until the end. How it pains me that I’ll never see the original Doors live! DAMN! Just read the suffixes of some of the words. They are all “end”.

This song doesn’t feel eleven minutes. It feels five minutes at its most. I forget about the time when I start singing along. The lyrics make me picture all of these things….such as….

What have they done to the earth? What have they done to our fair sister? Ravaged and plundered and ripped her and bit her. Stuck her with knives in the side of the dawn and tied her with fences and dragged her down.

I write this from memory so forgive me if I am mistaken. I type this while singing the words with the exact tone that he sings them with.

As, you can see, I really like Morrison’s lyrics. I credit my other darlings for their musical contributions….but this is godly!

Morrison in one of his strange days.

Ah, humans! This album forever changed my life. It’s just one of those albums that I’ll need if I am ever trapped somewhere. I’ll make sure to be buried with the vinyl of this. If you haven’t listened to it, PLEASE DO! I can’t even believe their producer considered it a flop when it came out.

Don’t miss your chance. To swim in mystery.


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