Oh, I’ve been wanting to see this badly. God knows I love restored silent films; especially if they are with Pola Negri. She looks so beautiful in this one because this is she is the exotic European Pola before she started to really blend in 20’s fashions. Here you see a twenty-year-old Pola with thick eyebrows, her curly black hair and with a hunger for artistic recognition. Of course, who doesn’t want that? What always remained with her was her memorable personality.

Oh I love her. She’s such a big idol to me and I don’t care if this is the millionth time I’ve stated it. I wish I could’ve lived in those days and seen her films in a premiere. I made some bit of research on this film and I think I can find it in Poland. Well, since I may be taking a tiny trip to Europe, I may pass it? It’s in a film archive. I wish I could’ve snuck on the set of one of the films and greeted Pola and Lubitsch. I would have given her a warm hug and told her how much her whole persona means to me and how I love her films. As for Lubitsch, I would have kissed his hand. Ahhh…..why am I so obsessed with something that has been forgotten by the ones existing today? I can’t talk about it with anybody. Well! I must see Mania!

Here I was just sobbing on the floor a little while ago and I remembered Pola. She helped me get through a lot in those days spoiled with depression. Her films and her legacy have distracted me from all of that. I’m gonna give myself a little treat by watching another silent film. I don’t want to spend my whole day shedding tears.


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