Trouble? Oh yes, there was trouble and it was with the film, The Trouble with Girls. The whole movie left me yawning after ten minutes. I get the whole craze was with Elvis’ appearance but I didn’t get into a frenzy just for seeing him. I’m not really a fan of him.

I don’t even know what this was about and I was already exhausted from finishing two movies already. There was a campaign? I don’t know. There was a racist mother with a child and another little boy. There was a girl who kept chasing Elvis? This was supposed to be 1927 but it looked very 60s. I felt really nothing when he played his songs so I just skipped them all.

My lost love.

There was a reason why I watched this in the first place. The sole reason…..because of my dead love….Vincent Price. After twenty-something minutes he appeared….and I shrieked. I put my palms to my cheeks and sighed. I had to repeat his parts over and over again. His momentary character was named Mr. Morality. He was again wearing black garments (which made him more sexy) and a red cape! He kept quoting all these wise men….and he even spoke of death! You can put Vincent Price anywhere and I guarantee you that he will speak of death. MY man then gave this speech and this bastard in the audience kept talking and I couldn’t hear my man! He was so precious in here….I love colorized Vincent Price. I love how his shoulders slouched, how his hands moved about at times (I’ve been devoted to them ever since I saw House of Wax)….His face…His blue eyes….his cheeks! And that stature! Oh, Vincent, my love!

Well, after Vincent’s appearance, I fast forwarded through the rest of the movie and it was just so shitty. Elvis singing there, some broad there and other people doing whatever. MY man didn’t appear again. Yet seeing seven minutes of his screen appearance was so worth it. Vincent, I am to always dream of you and think of you sweetly. This movie; not recommended. The definite epitome of shit. Unless you are an Elvis worshiper, I advise humans to not watch it. Oh my lord.