Yesterday, I finished watching about three movies. Before I saw the Elvis film that was agonizing to watch, I saw The Hound of the Baskervilles. THERE WERE SUBTITLES! I’m not big on the whole Sherlock Holmes thing but that was before I saw Basil once again……


I had already sort of fallen for him in The Adventures of Robin Hood but here…..he stole my heart.

The film opens up with some man falling on the ground as then some lunatic tries to steal his watch. There are howls…Then we find out the man has been murdered. So this man’s best friend seeks for help and thus Sherlock Holmes comes to the rescue. Basil was so neat-looking and he strongly resembled Christopher Lee in his young Dracula days. Even his voice! They really have the same voice. Aha! And he even starred in the remake of this film twenty years later! Anyway, I love how Basil starts talking with that melodic accent while smoking his pipe.

That sexy stare…

Sherlock Holmes needs to solve the murder mystery with the help of his comrade, Dr. Watson. I love how Basil started predicting all these things from clues and how he didn’t say anything when he got some of them wrong. Apparently in this film there is a suspicion that a curse has been inflicted upon the family of the Baskervilles for centuries. They think this monster hound has killed them all. So the nephew of the dead guy comes to stay and his life is endangered….even when he is a few steps away from Holmes…..there is an assassination attempt…..Well then they go to his ancestral home where his kin dwelt. His ancestors have met a horrid fate in their deaths. So this guy, named Henry, keeps losing his boots and probably just wants to get the hell out of there. So, Basil wasn’t in the film for about half an hour, maybe? Without him, the film was not as enjoyable as it was. I even missed the parts where he would torture his comrade by playing the violin!


Meanwhile, Henry, the best friend of the dead guy, and Watson met all of their bizarre neighbors. Some old man accusing some guy of body snatching….another weirdo here….another weirdo there. There was a mire near that killed anything that set foot on it. The servants of the ancestral home were plotting about something behind their backs.

Then….to boost my interest…..there was an old man who kept just pissing everyone off by insisting that they should all take his presents. He seemed sort of familiar….Then he sent Watson a note…..and guess what…..

It was Basil!

Thank god, he appeared again! I was growing bored. He and Watson discussed the death of the dead guy (who had been reported to have died of a heart attack) and came up with a conclusion.

Oh, how I had predicted his comeback! I grew so happy that I applauded. So….Henry, meanwhile, was falling in love with his female neighbor….and then Holmes and Watson found a man dead on the ground after seeing him fall off a short cliff. I think the hound pushed him? I don’t remember. So everyone pretended that all was fine and jolly so Holmes and Watson headed back to London. It was the night before Henry and his woman would go all the way to Canada to get married. Then we saw her asshole of a brother releasing the hound he had inexplicably summoned from death.

But, no, Holmes and Watson did not go to London because they had sensed that something was wrong. They later came upon the scene of how Henry and the hound were wrestling…Holmes shot him (some animal cruelty like in The Passion of Anna) and helped Henry. Holmes told Watson to take the wounded Henry back to his house. So he stayed alone there….just roaming the place until he saw this curious vault that really seemed like a grave once you opened it….he went in there (I yelled at him for it) and some asshole closed it and locked it.

Luckily, he had a knife.

As Holmes was getting himself out, the brother of Henry’s future bride wanted to give something to drink….and he had spiked it. Just as Henry was about to drink it, Holmes walked into the room, looking glamorous as hell.


He solved the murder by telling everybody what the brother had done and all was well again. But my Basil was so humbly badass by solving the mystery.

I loved the film. Why else wouldn’t I write of it? I only write of films that affect me emotionally. It was so fun because Basil made it that way. Without him, the movie was kind of a bore. I love all these tasty mysteries and I am to watch more films from the series. Oh, how horribly cute he looked! Did I write of how I almost kissed the television screen when I saw the thing available for subtitles? Yes!

Rathbone is a good actor. He looks so very handsome with his long hair….I loved him in Tales of Terror but I was more distracted with my Vincent Price. I wish I could meet all these men and ask for their autographs….Oh, that’ll never happen.