I thankfully got eight hours of sleep last night. There were lucid sequences between all of my dreams. At least I slept.

First, I was going to some old lady’s house either in the town I live now or in the city where I used to live in Peru. It was really posh, that’s all I remember of it. Then somebody opened the door….and it was an aged Pola Negri. She seemed quietly satisfied with her life but in her eyes I saw sadness and yearning. I remember we had some sort of a deep conversation; she still had her very thick accent. She quickly became cranky with anybody else but with me she was the nicest lady around. She was very temperamental at others…telling them to clean up this and that. I remember she asked me to take me to the mall so she could buy me french fries at McDonald’s. She had the exact look that she had in The Moon-Spinners. She was like a mentally healthy Norma Desmond, as she forced me to watch her silent films, which was an offer I couldn’t refuse. I can’t remember much of the dream but I am happy it was Pola. After I awoke I couldn’t believe that she was really dead….so I looked her up in the web again….and she was dead. One of my biggest idols is dead.

Fucking hell. You’re dead.

Secondly, there was a lifelike dream where I was gliding my way through San Francisco. I don’t know what I was looking for. I then entered this building that sold mattresses….I think I was trespassing. This old lady alarmed me and urged me to help her find her son, who turned out to be my favorite singer. I was back on the streets again and the lady wasn’t at my side anymore; my sister was. We started seeing all these Finnish artists, hurrying to get to their hotels. I saw that really skinny lad from the band Nightwish and I said, “Seems that he’s workin’ up that butt again.” We still saw all those people in a hurry…we now were getting pushed by people in this passage…until I saw the humans from my favorite band. I had such a conniving simper on my face. Then I knew the singer was probably coming…and that’s when I realized it was finally happening. NO. It just couldn’t be. I saw the human’s face, reality proving to me that he existed. I at once covered my eyes with my palms and walked away. His mother recognized her son and encountered him. I was obliged to get near them when she thanked me for something. As I was about to speak to her son, I awoke. Yes, when it comes to meeting that human, I must always wake up with the disbelief that this is really occurring. Ha! When that day comes, I’ll make sure the vibe at that moment is not excessively blissful in any way.

Happy hell! I return to my studies as of the morrow! Great. I’ve been “advancing” with my education at home for the past year. Now, I have to face humans again. I am counting the minutes. At least the educational place has edible food.