Ok, I have come upon the conclusion that my sister is spoiling me. She already gave me Pola Negri films, posters of my favorite band and now this.

She knows how much I love Cabaret, the movie only, for I cannot stand any other musical. She knows that when Liza Minnelli sings “Maybe this Time” my heart beats because it is my jam. She knew that I always bitched about always wanting the soundtrack and never finding it anyplace. The only place where they had it was in an antique store. I once asked one of the ladies who worked there about Pola Negri and she said, “Why do you think we would have that here?” I know she didn’t mean to offend but that is bothering me still to this very day.

Then there’s a magazine from thirty-four years ago. It has a peculiar little article about how shriveled up and senile the surviving silent stars were. Pola Negri made it to the list! Aha! They gave her a mini-paragraph bio but still the picture they had of her replaced a lot of words. It was really the last picture of the Valentino post I wrote. She was raising her arms, with her passionate silent star tactic, as behind her stood an enormous painted portrait of herself. Gotta love Pola! Also one of her life’s proudest achievements, her Memoirs of a Star, was placed on her coffee table with the very first page open…which included another painting of herself.

I wonder why my sister is showering me with gifts all of a sudden? I shouldn’t complain. She wants to take me to Finland next year. I should be most grateful. I’ll be off to listen to my Cabaret soundtrack. Good-by!

Everybody loves a winner so nobody loved me.