Last night I stayed awake until possibly 3:30am. I could not slumber due to the inability to just rest. I had been perturbed by intense emotions, which angered me, so I decided to remain seated on the couch in the dark.

I wanted to do something at least so I grabbed my CD player…placed a random CD I could find in my bag and let it play. It turned out to be The Mothers of Invention’s debut album, Freak Out!. It was great as usual since Zappa makes my mind wander and dream to all these places….until I started imagining Zappa’s ghost lurking in a corner or something. I shuddered at the thought and just closed my eyes. That was worse. At least I was singing along….in my head.

Then the album started skipping because I had not cleaned it in a while…and suddenly I was like Vincent Price in The Pit and the Pendulum. I had to turn it off because it was starting to scratch. So I just had to lay there in the dark….thinking of Pola Negri and Cary Grant and all my troubles.

Wowie Zowie.