I was just watching The Night of the Hunter and that got me thinking….Why is Robert Mitchum such a dick in his movies?

The other movie that I’ve seen of him has been the 1962 version of Cape Fear (the only version I have seen) and I couldn’t help but to scathingly despise him. He couldn’t stop stalking Gregory Peck and his family….and that poor little girl! Why, I kept yelling at the television screen to kill him off already. But in The Night of the Hunter, he was this asshole preacher who wanted to marry this widow whose husband was hanged for murder. He had stolen a bunch of cash and hidden it. And his asshole character kept killing all these people for what he coveted: money.


Above all things, he is a great actor for playing dicks. I got to confess that the portrayal of these villains has been the only thing in films to possibly scare me. Being a pervert and a preacher and all of that. Just plain creepy. I’m really scared. The whole world is wrong. Vincent Price isn’t scary; he’s sexy. Mitchum is the real deal for horror.

His face is evil.

In this film, his wife wanted to bed him on their wedding night and he made her feel like a baby machine! By God, the woman just wanted to fornicate with her husband. What’s so wrong with that? This film was so great though. I am drawn to Charles Laughton even more than before. Not only do I praise his excellent lavender marriage with Elsa Lanchester….but this was a remarkable perk in his career. Damn Henry Fonda for calling him a faggot.

But god, Mitchum played such a dick in this film! How the hell could he treat children like that? Manipulating all the religious humans….That little John! If I see more films of him where he plays perverted, bloodthirsty dicks, my hate for his characters will mature more and more.

What absolutely stole my heart in this film: Lillian Gish.

Cute as ever.

She was as adorable as in her silent pictures. I had seen her in Birth of a Nation so I had never heard her voice. Her character was so kind with her children, seeking for another opportunity to bond with children since her son no longer loved her. She protected Pearl and John from Mitchum’s asshole character.

Shooting dicks.

She treated Pearl and John better than their mother did since she preferred her dick husband.

Despite my hatred for this villain, I loved the film. It was creepy even until the very end, as I thought that John was going to poison Lillian’s apple before he gave it to her. I was gasping as the film progressed….he was such a dick! Threatening to slit the kid’s throat….Obtaining pity with crocodile tears….This film scared me so much…because there are demented, twisted men like him, I’m sure. I personally consider this a horror film….Highly recommended.