Bringing Up Baby is the film that got me to take Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn more seriously as actors. Before that, I had seen each them in some of their own films such as Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner and in She Done Him Wrong. Their acting in this film wasn’t at all dramatic or depressing, it was their comedic talent that had made me cherish them.

Oh yes, this is one film that has made me actually laugh out loud in a long time. Katharine Hepburn was a quirky, funny girl who expressed her affections in clumsy ways. Poor Cary Grant had to always take the fall for her mistakes. But I really did love this part. He is gay all of a sudden. He can really look good in a negligee. If you see the part where he is walking out of the bathroom, you can see some leg. Ah, these men!

And Hepburn…what about this almighty talented female? I have got to give her more credit as actress. I have been too focused on other ones. I love her little high-pitched voice! Another thing: her clothing style. Marvelous. I even felt some sort of admiration for her undergarments. They were quite the fashion?

Svelte gamine.

I adored the leopard. This kind of reminded me of Pola Negri in The Moon-Spinners when she herself had a pet cheetah. I think that these animals make ladies seem all the more graceful and endow them some sort of power to their personality.

Imperious woman, yes?

When I was about to watch this, I placed the disc of the film in my DVD player, and it wouldn’t work. I tried it a few more times and it just wouldn’t play anything. Then I checked for stains on the disc and it had merely two little fingerprints! Such drama you make, DVD player! Anyway, I’ve been thinking of getting a cheetah in the future. Like Pola. I’d probably reign the streets when I walk the animal (on a leash!) as all humans would be cowering away. Oh, that’d be fun.

Pola, a queen like always!

That’d be fab. God, everyone’s so fab. All right, I’ll be off to work on my novel. Yes, I’m writing again. The desire to do so just surged into my insides and I sat down and started typing on my typewriter. I only did three pages last time…but it’s progress, you know?