Hey, guess what, I like a new band. Their name is Inquisition. I saw them live when they toured with Marduk and Moonspell in the States. Also when they toured with Behemoth, 1349 and Goatwhore. Back then I didn’t give them a chance because I was too blunt for my dislike for things. They were all right; they sort of reminded me of Immortal. This is like a brand new revival of my taste for black metal. I haven’t heard anything like this for a long, LONG time….My sister bought this album a little while ago as I was reluctant to listen to it, but once I did, I was quite impressed. This was good stuff.

My sister and I, since we go to gigs together, met Dagon, the main member. I was surprised he could speak Spanish…I thought this guy was Swedish or something. I was silent and put my gaze to the ground. I was almost in tears when I saw Moonspell, I was losing my hope in all things and my cyclical depression was acting up again. The guy sounded intellectually clever…speaking about his dedication to his music…There was this dedicated fan who was standing behind him (staring at him with googly eyes and breathing behind his ear) so he could get his vinyls autographed. It was cute seeing black metal fanatics, since I could never be one.

I never spoke to the man at all. I just shyly glanced at him, hiding like a child behind my sister’s shoulder. The good news is that they are touring again! With Deicide (UGH!), Septic Flesh (mehh), Carach Angren (guys are hot but the music sucks) and Abysmal Dawn (yawn). It’s such a drag when I have to go see a band I like and I have to get through the yawn fest first. When I attend a concert of some bands I couldn’t care less about, I beg fate to make them vanish from the stage. I get boredom tears. Remember Behexen? Why are concerts such a drag these days?