Serious, serious, serious!


Oh my lord. I’ve been thinking of my Kitten sentimentally since last night. I decided to view the trailer of Breakfast on Pluto to just bethink of its brilliance and I nearly cried. I am far too beguiled by this movie and have probably seen it too many times. That is why I miss it so much.

I remember seeing this beauteous spectacle on a Christmas Eve. I was in the verge of tears, a holiday habit, and I could not find anything to watch. I flicked channel through channel….until I saw the title of a film….that sounded quite different. Breakfast on Pluto. I read the description…and it had a gay lad…so I watched it. It was in the part where Kitten is penning his pornographic story. When I saw his face, my stomach was in knots. He….reminded me of somebody. Aside of that, his behavior was so wonderfully flamboyant. Kitten was an internally miserable character who expressed that through laughter and kindness. He was everything I had dreamed of until that point in my life and he turned out to be fictional. He was sassy, funny, fashionable…..and he was a male. He was the beautified lad I had been asking for the latter part of my life. Sadly, I had to turn off the film because relatives were coming….and they are not Kitten aficionados. So I dashed upstairs to my room and watched the rest of the film. It was getting late and I did not care. I jotted down manically in my diary….noticing each enthralling detail about his persona. I had at once noticed the eroticism of his stride…the venomous charm of his personality and my rapture with his whole character. After I watched this, I stayed awake and was unable to stop thinking of Kitten. This film had done something for me.

I had to wait two weeks until they showed this film again on cable. During that interval of time, I could not help but think of him all the while. I’d smile during study hour…whenever I was consuming food….and even before I slept. By the time the day arrived to watch it, I gasped at the apparition in my television screen, Kitten. I’d see his romance with Billy Hatchett and I would just swoon! Then…the part where he nearly gets strangled by that homophobic bastard….the part with the magician….STOP!

Sooner than later, I was obsessively watching the film. Maybe twice a day, I don’t remember. I’d sing along to all the songs, dance to Billy Hatchett and the Mohawks and sigh when Kitten walks out of his house, swinging his coat while flashing that lovely yellow jacket. Another thing. The songs. This film has one of the greatest soundtracks I’ve ever heard. Doggies in Windows….Windmills of your Mind….You’re breaking my Heart…..Children of the Revolution…Love is a many-splendored thing….

When I received a very cheap copy of the film…I couldn’t stop watching it. I also read some of the book and I didn’t like it. I’m no big fan of hypersexual Kitten. I like gay Kitten preferably. I’m a big, big, BIG fan of the film. Cillian Murphy portrays him so well….that whenever I see him in other films…I call him Kitten. If I ever meet him randomly somewhere, I’ll yell, “KITTEN!”

“Ooh! She shrieked!”

I don’t think anyone else can play Kitten. Only Cillian Murphy. He was meant for this role. I have memorized almost every line for this film….even his facial expressions. Maybe I like Kitten so much because he reminds me of this sassy bastard I’m so fond of. This is my second favorite movie of all time. Kitten will always be mine, in my head, and I am to never forget him.

I told you from my best side, darlings!


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