Scarlett O’ Hara Gossip?

A few weeks ago, I borrowed Damn You, Scarlett O’ Hara: The Private Lives of Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier from the library. I just wanted to see what was so bad about it. I saw. Oh I really noticed its stupidity and lack of research. This book is a pile of shit.

It was nothing but “information” of all the people they slept with. Larry slept with this guy; this girl. And, according to the “facts” of this book, I can only think that it really reputed Vivien to being the biggest tramp in film business. It had tales of such imagination that I almost mistook it for being an erotic novel. Such as when this guy caught Vivien performing fellatio on Leslie Howard, both still in their costumes. It was sort of comedic, in some way. I remember they “quoted” Vivien when she said, “A day without cock is like a day in hell.” I hope I didn’t misquote that. I don’t have the copy with me anymore. That made me chuckle for a few minutes. Vivien Leigh sounded like my fictional character in one of my novels, a kinky gay man.

Though what I’ve always believed is that she bedded Marlon Brando. Vivien was practically a nymphomaniac, yes, and no one can deny that Brando was a hunk. Hell, he was the inspiration for Tom of Finland’s bikers! You can see it even in A Streetcar Named Desire, when Brando was putting on a clean shirt and Vivien was ogling at his chest. It’s a chance that couldn’t be passed.

Surely, Vivien had a addicting likeness for sex, but this book dramatized it and adorned it with fictitious tales. This book was just like all the sexual rumors that were made about Clara Bow with the USC Football Team. Just leave them the hell alone! Who cares if they fornicated with who and who or if they didn’t at all? Does it still matter? After all, they’re all dead now. Yet people still rejuvenate falsity with well-thought lies.

Aside of saucy fornication, there was unexpected talk of Pola Negri. It wasn’t the most positive or respectful content. Laurence Olivier was talking of how he was going to star in A Woman Commands with her. According to the book, he said that when they did a screen test, she squished his genitals and made him feel uncomfortable. Then he spoke of how she wasn’t her young and pretty silent star persona anymore; she was fat.

Calling me fat, huh?

This I can somewhat buy? I mean, Pola was also a spicy woman who most gladly enjoyed sensuality. Just think about the elegant sex she had with Valentino. Sometimes he could be rough and sometimes passionate. Anyway, if this happened, it was probably because Pola was missing her Rudy and was longing for that masculine touch. Olivier was sort of a cutie back then so….why not? It was hard transitioning to the talkies and it was hard finding work because of her thick Polish accent. In here it says that Olivier had to drop out of the film because he got ill. So….who knows? He got replaced by Basil Rathbone, who was luscious with the long hair in The Adventures of Robin Hood.

Then the author just wouldn’t leave her name in the clear; he had to add some more bullshit. The author wrote about how she had had lesbian flings and how Margaret West, her close friend with whom she lived with for some time, had been her long-time girlfriend. Ah, this fucking simpleton. I read of that rumor in this Rudolph Valentino biography. The author of that book took advantage of her writing capabilities to demean her name and to basically confirm the rumor.

 Dear biographer simpletons: Don’t even bother writing about celebrities if you’re going to state unconfirmed bullshit as the foremost truth for evidence. Ever tried writing fiction? It’s a nice genre. Celebrities can even fuck dragons, if you’d like. 

I’m done with these biographers who don’t dare dig a bit deeper in their research. Either they discuss the rumors, admitting their uncertainty, or they don’t include them at all. It’s not difficult. About the lesbian Negri, I don’t believe it. Just because somebody decides to move in with their best friend doesn’t make them lesbian or gay or whatever; it’s a decision based on friendship. Pola liked and was involved with some men. This is admitted in her memoirs really. Vivien just liked her privilege of being a grown-up girl, even with some infidelity.


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