Sim Suicide

As of yesterday, I committed Sim suicide. Touko and his husband had just returned from China. They were all moody and uncomfortable, of course. And their stupid dogs kept peeing and shitting all over my carpet. What pissed me off about the game was that Touko wanted to adopt. NO. No kids. I was trying to get Touko ahead in the show business career.

I was also getting fed up with Craig, the husband. I’m not very friendly to sims I have not created…and the way they met was… “cute”…yes….but later it became a hassle. Craig rang the doorbell and Touko was immediately besotted. Then they fell in love, fornicated, and got married. I took them on their blasted honeymoon and had to tolerate those fucking loading screens every time they went to a community lot, which is what they always wanted to do.

I granted their wishes and paid for all the bullshit they asked for. I took care of their moods. Yet they kept asking for more. So I finally adopted, against my wishes. I kinda wanted to kill Craig, so Touko could be with his teenage sweetheart, Ville.

The brat finally arrived to their house. It was an annoying toddler who shat every ten minutes….Touko was getting more frustrated with his job and with his life…He needed more friends to get promoted. I had had it. I made Craig stand outside and I built a square shaped fence type of thing around him. He starved, peed and stank. Then he died and Touko couldn’t stop crying. Oops, I guess I killed his true love.

I hired a nanny for the brat….Touko never even held her in his arms….All he did was go to work…all depressed….I was getting fed up with these people. And with these dogs. There were only two days until Touko would reach the elderly stage. So I built a pool, made the little brat (she had already grown into the kid stage) swim and I sold the ladder. She stayed there all night starving until the social worker came. Now Touko was seriously destroyed. I had ruined his life. And Craig kept haunting his house, which was comical, but he destroyed up my bathtub.

Touko aged….drank a life elixir…which apparently hastened his aging….and then he died. The Grim Reaper reprimanded me for killing my family and then the dogs got taken away by the adoption service. And I was left with an empty house. I was given the opportunity to not save the game so all could be well again. I didn’t. I guess this was just the mere act of Sim suicide.


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