Peaches en Regalia

My morn for me today was hectic with nothing having occurred. I just couldn’t get up from the couch. I mean, I could’ve if I really wanted to but my legs just rested and rested. “This,” I thought, “shall be a memorable morn.”

Oh god, just months ago I couldn’t get out of bed because I slept until one in the afternoon. Maybe I was lazy. Maybe I was sad. Who knows?

My poor mother kept telling me to do this and that…but I just couldn’t get up. What was the use of it? I was gonna get bored again anyway. I had rented ten movies from the library again…and I was in the middle of watching The Keys of the Kingdom, that one with Gregory Peck. Maybe I could’ve looked up to that. I had also gained some little ability to read…maybe I could’ve done that. But what I did….thinking that it would not solve anything and remain as shitty as it was…I took out my CD player from my bag…placed Zappa’s Hot Rats….and heard the magic of his music.

I was reminded that Zappa let my imagination voyage to so many places. I was imagining that I was better…and happier…actually resuming my writing on my novels…laughing….just more satisfied than how I am at the moment. If you heard that album….Those cutie little tunes….just make my thoughts positively soothing….with no worry….It’s all great, you know? All thanks to Zappa.

After that, I gained enough energy to stand up….charge my CD player batteries and take a shower. How my Zappa bettered my morn! That is why I love him so. His music aids me in my life….even though my family…..incomprehensibly…cannot stand him. Well, now, I am to finish my movies. Long live Zappa!!


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