Judy Garland’s thing for Clark Gable

Yeah, everybody (not really) remembers when Judy Garland sang to Clark Gable at his birthday party, right? And that song brought her to immense popularity. The books and all of that say how all of this was just for simple publicity. But I think Judy did have a serious thing for Clark Gable.

I don’t remember the exact date of when she sang the song to him….maybe it was around 1937….but Judy jumped out of the cake…and sang to Clark Gable. She did it for a few years more on his birthday….and he started to find it a bit obnoxious….but he changed his mind after he learned that the studio was forcing her to do this…even though she relished it.

Look at her face.

This song she sang appeared in Broadway Melody of 1938, which brought her rapid fame and more closure to Gable…..

Of course, in the next few years, she still talked of him….

(Watch out for when she says, “I’m not allowed Clark Gable!”)

Even when she cried for other lads…she still thought of Gable….

“You’re no Clark Gable yourself.”

She never really quite forgot the man…..


Gable never left her heart. He will never leave our hearts.

“Goddamn brat. You’ve ruined every one of my birthdays.”

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