Sometimes there’s God

You know, I used to find the internet a waste of time but now…I have a different view for it. It distracts me a lot. Being addicted to the web isn’t so bad. I remember when I was immersed in the social media world I wasn’t so lonesome or sad. I actually made some interesting…erm…obsessive posts and discussed my passions for film and music and all of that.

But I want to talk of something else…..

 Sure, I have viewed this film numerously. But the more I watch it, the more psychologically painful it is. You can see Vivien Leigh’s honest pain and struggle with her bipolar disorder. And all of Blanche’s mentally harsh scenes, they sadden me. She’s unable to escape the horror of her malady or all the people who tell her they are mental. She repents her past and is trying to progress on her life but asshole Stanley always reminds her of her sins. I just want to say I like to watch this film every time I’m going through crippling emotional periods. It helps. Though once after watching this, I got paranoid and called the firefighters when a tiny candle flame had grown higher. Ah, I don’t want to remember that. Good-by.


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