Well, yay, I’m seeing King Diamond live in October. Around three years ago they came to a city close to my area and played with Metallica. I missed them….and it still doesn’t affect me.

I am to take some Advil to the gig, for I cannot even get through an entire album (thanks to Diamond’s vocals) without some. I’m not a huge fan of the band, to be honest, but I want to go because I have always been curious to see all the theatrical silliness that happens on stage. With the inverted crosses and all that corny stuff. Personally, I like Mercyful Fate better.

Luckily I will be seated on a nearby balcony. I am grateful because I cannot stand simpletons shoving me in their moshpits. What kind of musical enthusiasm is that? It’s unpardonably violent and I cannot quite fathom its sense of “fun”. I am also relieved because every time a long-haired lad or dame starts crazily headbanging, I get to smell their sweaty hair and it even gets on my face. Man, I don’t think I enjoy concerts anymore. Humans irk me…Crowds suffocate me and tedium condemns me.

Anyway I must get through yet ten more movies that I’ve borrowed from the library. Some Bette Davis, Ingrid Bergman, Lon Chaney, Jimmy Stewart and silent films. I assume that my movies aid with a quick rest from reality. Quite nice it is surely. Damned summer. Yet that Doors song comes to mind…

All right, I’m still sort of saddened today. It shall pass and I am to stop ruminating about it.