You know, I have to say something, I love Frank Zappa. But it just sucks that people only know his name but haven’t really heard his music. No, oh, no. One must have at least a bit of Zappa in their life, were it to be one album or his whole discography….Hell, I love Zappa so much that I even bought a signed copy of Moon Unit’s novel, America The Beautiful. Even though it’s fictional, she talked a lot about this painter dead father her character had. There was much frustration in trying to make him pay more attention to her…yet he was too caught up in his music.

I remember even in summer school…I was listening to so much Zappa instead of learning. I scared kids away that they moved to other tables and left me there jamming to his music in my own solace. I’d sigh, place my palms on my cheeks and be swooned from my senses.

There are some times during a month where I am just lazily lying on the couch, stomach down, and burying my head in my arms. My sister would ask, “What’s wrong this time?”….And I would respond….. “Frank Zappa’s dead.” I can’t even bring myself up to watch the interviews where he is near death. I just cannot watch that.

But what is fun to watch is to see him in SNL. Those twats didn’t understand him! Ah, my darling.