Garbo Day. Garbo Feelings.

Hei-Hei…Read, hearken, do whatever. I am feeling ultimately depressed today for unknown reasons since this morning and the treatment I have received for it has just worsened my state. I quit taking medication in February (god knows how long ago that was) and I guess the mood swings are still happening. That is why I am tempted to have a day full of Garbo.

Miss Garbo has the best sayings, best pessimism and really the best attitude. I’m happy Pola Negri encouraged her to come out of her shell when she was still a fledgling actress, a protege to a film director. But she reached greatness and truly I can relate to almost everything she says.

And really most of the time I feel like this…..

Very much like this……


*These are not mine

She looked at her most beautiful in the silents. John Gilbert always looked miserable off-screen and Greta Garbo looked plain bored. Let’s start with Anna Karenina first…I get a feeling that I like this one better than the Vivien Leigh one…she just…did some overacting…..All right. Bye-bye.


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