I am unable to stop thinking about him. About John Merrick. I watched The Elephant Man just last night and it brought up a lot of repressed feelings. You see, at the end of the film, I was not able to cry, but three hours later I was wailing. I have not been this lachrymose since I watched the finished Twin Peaks….

John was such a positive…grateful…young man…despite all the maltreatment and prejudice he received. I remember he said something about being happy about every single hour of his day. I am to re-watch this film today, gladly, as I will have to intervene with my movie marathon. So East of Eden will have to wait. It is like remembering Angelo’s death in Switched at Birth…but remembering John’s voice makes me so sad….It’s like that Judy Garland song…

You made me sigh ’cause I didn’t want to tell you. I didn’t want to tell you. I think you’re grand! That’s true. Yes, I do. ‘Deed I do. You know I do.

Well, shit, I remember Fernando Ribeiro telling me this was his favorite film. I’m not sure, my memory is fuzzy. Either it was this film or Elephant Walk, that one where Vivien Leigh starred in but later got fired and replaced by Liz Taylor. I think this is by far the best David Lynch film I’ve seen because it has such emotion and….IT WAS JUST SO SAD.

You bunch of vexatious simpletons! I loved how Anne Bancroft was so kind to him. At least she stopped sleeping with younger lads…(I never finished that movie in all honesty).

At least my Pola Negri book arrived safe and sound. It is a lot smaller than I thought. Oh well. I shall try to read it since I really can’t anymore. OH! And Anthony Hopkins’ tears were the most incredulous things I’ve ever seen!