Movie Week

Oh, I was meaning to keep this thing regularly updated but I had to return the computer I owned so there was no opportunity to write. I’ve been attempting to keep myself in a rapt state since last week because summer is usually the season where I feel most suffocated and claustrophobic in my home. So I borrowed about twelve movies from the library, with a week to watch them all, as there are only three days left now. I only have about three movies left to watch….it can be said that this movie-watching voyage has been both fun and somewhat vague.

There were movies I was smitten with from the very first scene and others where it was known from the very beginning that I was going to grow bored. Here are the films that pushed me into the maelstrom of love:

                                   Gaslight (1944)                    

Oh lord. I really liked this film. From the scene where a joyous Ingrid is kissing the man she loves, to the part where she starts to hear voices and footsteps. I could relate to some of her hardships and even the sentient fears that she was on the verge of lunacy. She is so alike to her daughter, Isabella Rossellini. They both basically have the same voice, the body structure and even the same face! God, did I despise Anton! He should have understood that even after some years of her aunt’s murder, Paula was still in a frail mental state! I could vicariously relate to her feelings of captivity and suffocation! They drove her to second guess herself; to doubt her own sanity. Oh dear lord, the scene where Ingrid confronts the husband at the end was astounding! Her face specially when she grew mad! I loved her sense of courage!

                                        Laura (1944)

Yes! This film was an intriguing mystery that confused the hell out of me in the middle. Though the reason I watched this was because of Vincent Price. Vincent. Fucking. Price.

Vincent. Fucking. Price

Well, aside of my devotion, this film contained similar elements to Twin Peaks. I don’t know if it’s just me but the murder of a young girl, who everyone adored, as they all snooped in her life; she was perfect! Yeah…Doesn’t this ring a bell?

Laura Palmer, anyone?

Sorry I’m getting off topic here. Well, Laura was a tasty mystery that captivated my heart instantly! Though the man that was Laura’s consort was rather….creepy and obsessive. It was kind of unexpected what happened in the middle of the movie…The cop who fell in love with her was yet another actor who gave clever responses, like Bogie’s. VINCENT PRICE STOLE MY HEART YET AGAIN!! He was younger here and did not have his mustache….This Vincent I liked, too….Oh his voice….He was so mischievous and conceited as I loved him even more. Gene Tierney’s character was way too obnoxious (probably because I was jealous of her being with my Vincent) and I did not even know if she was evil or not. The crazy lady from Rebecca was here also….Judith Anderson. I liked how after my Vincent got punched by that silly cop (I yelled “Vincent!” when it happened) she helped him. What was sad  though was when (SPOILER! SPOILER!) Lydecker got shot and said, “Goodbye, Laura. Goodbye, my love.” I mean, despite his stalkerish, weirdo behavior, he still loved her. Sometimes love comes in a variety of forms, even if they are murderous….What the hell am I talking about? That guy was a psychotic prick.

I also watched Citizen Kane which I felt would never end…but that film is one of the best films that chronicled the life of a fictional character (even though it was based on William Randolph Hearst). Orson Welles, I’ve got to admit, was quite attractive in this film and I could not deny my little bit of envy for Rita Hayworth or Dolores del Rio. I liked how the main character was such a hardworking bastard at the beginning, but like in Scarface, he turned all greedy and egotistical at the end. Everyone had their remembrances of him…with heavy sentiment. Especially Leland who strongly resembled Johnny Knoxville in Bad Grandpa when he was old. This film left a mark in my appreciation for life…I don’t know it just got to me…because one has to do whatever he just fucking wants. In a few years, I desire to become a journalist….and if it’s like the movie…Oh, to dream!! Kane’s second wife was such a bad blasted singer that I still don’t understand why he just pushed her to sing. I guess he just believed in her too much. I AM NOT TO REVEAL THE MEANING OF ROSEBUD!! You just watch the whole fucking thing to figure it out.

I still have some more movies to visually devour…and I should really get the hell out of here if I want to finish them on time. I highly recommend these films…they’re goodies for your movie-watching history and might even make it to your top five. Now I have a David Lynch film, a Liz Taylor one and one of the three movies that James Dean ever completed. Bye-bye!


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