How nice. Yet another item regarding the forgotten Pola Negri has been purchased. I quite don’t remember how my fascination really started but it can be said that it is fully enjoyable. She is my favorite actress in the silent era because really she just had the best faces.

 1. Serious/Worried Pola


2. Admirably dramatic Pola


3. Evilly cute Pola


4. Dirty simper Pola


5. Badass Pola

*This one is one of her German talkie films but I just had to include it…Just look at her!

Pola…Hell I don’t know why I like her so much. Maybe because she was a lady I could identify with, I bet I would act like she did in Valentino’s funeral if a lad I loved were to die. I’m always buying cute little vintage Pola Negri stuff. Like her spoon.


Her memoirs were very nice to read, too, but knowing that she had a ghostwriter sort of darkens the originality of it.

It’s ghastly that not many books have been written of her. She was better than Marilyn Monroe and it’s just so depressing that she’s forgotten! Her grave in L.A is just there abandoned but at least she’s buried next to her mom. Well thankfully this book is not in Polish and has rare pictures of Pola. I guess humanity can’t be forced to remember a film star they never even knew existed in the first place. But I will remember her for as long as I live.